Did I let it go?

fresh air.png

I've just had two weeks holiday and for 12 days enjoyed the magic of New Zealand's South Island.  I had loads of fresh air and a little more exercise than normal. I'd like to say I unplugged from the internet and social media - no I just upped the Instagram and ignored Twitter - that was enough of a change for me. Plus I had chance to just sit and read - a lot.

Before my leave started I did wonder - will I be able to let work go?  Recently I took just one day off - and I have to admit it was hard to let go. All that talk about giving control and leadership - I have to be honest I'm working through this stuff as much as the next person and I find it tough. I want to do a good job and feel competent. I don't want to let people down. The list could go on. All the reasons you can't get to sleep or wake up at night.

Our rest and time away from work is crucial for our well being and functioning - to be your best self. This great article looks at why we push ourselves too hard and discusses some of the ways to manage this.

I've written over the last couple of weeks about how you can help set yourself up for a good nights' sleep. Then I looked at what you can do in the morning to set yourself up for the day - and I confessed in my morning playlist - Let it Go - what has happened is in the past.

It's the end of the day now and time for home. Here are four practical tips to help you leave work at work. I have to confess to being an 'overthinker' and that is why the concept of chewing the cud was so powerful for me. This article from Forbes has 6 ways to help you stop overthinking.

Then there are your weekend habits - with a nod to shift workers - please read - 'days off'. Designed to make the most of the days off giving you what you need and to feel 'damn good'. Sometimes it's sleep, sometimes it's fresh air. For me there is usually reading.

What then about holidays. This article points out that increased productivity comes after taking time off and reminds us that the idea of long working hours and staying glued to your desk does not mean increased outputs. While not a idea that can be readily replicated in the healthcare setting, listen to this TED talk on how a company closes for a whole year - every seven years. For some more realistic tips this article gives some practical steps to ensure your break is really, just that!

So yes, I let it go during my holiday. It took some time to unwind and relax from the first four weeks on a new job. My headspace and perspective has changed and I'm back at work ready and raring to go.