Singing in the shower


I have to be honest with you here this is a bit of a risk . Not only am I about to disclose some of the music I listen to, I'm also admitting my areas of doubt and where I need help. So please go gentle with me.

Mornings are the time to get yourself set up for the day, with a bounce in your step and smile on your face. Starting early and facing the daily challenges such as staffing, fire fighting, waiting lists, targets, people management and the countless other challenges that you'll be facing, it can be hard to get going sometimes.

I do know that starting the day feeling upbeat, positive and energised for those challenges will make it more fun, more achievable and more likely to have a positive impact and influence on those around us.

How do I set myself up to get that positive feeling and start the morning with the best attitude? Music

I have a playlist of songs that are just what I need in the morning to get me in the right mood to be ready to jump into the day ahead of me.

Let it Go
Whatever happened or didn't happen yesterday it's in the past. Reflect, learn and let's try again but let it go. Whatever it is that's eating you up dwelling on it over and over and over (I could keep going here), such as spelling mediate instead of meditation, is not going to help.
Today is a new day.

Can't fight the feeling
This has the best foot tapping rhythm around at the moment (in my opinion - but - I only get my playlist from movies - don't judge). This gets me moving, smiling and generally feeling upbeat.
The message is that I can then impact, inspire and spread a bit of joy to others.

9 to 5
This makes me smile smile smile. In fact I find myself laughing at all those things I do that go unnoticed and unrecognised but heh - I'm going to just keep on keeping on. Classic Dolly Parton, why my day is brighter just thinking about her.

It slows a little here, gets a little more serious and gives me a big kick of self confidence

Now In life there's going to be times
When you're feeling low
And in your mind insecurity
Seems to take control

Don't be scared to fly alone
Find a path that is your own

Spread your wings and soar

That's what I'm listening to at the moment. I'm fond of changing it up to what suits (or when Disney releases a new movie maybe).

My morning playlist

Let it Go by Indina Menzel
Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake
9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Soar by Christina Aguilera

How you start your day will influence how that day goes and the impact you have on those around you. Working in healthcare isn't a walk in the park, so set yourself up as best you can.

What is your choice for a -  pick me up - get going - keep going song?