Yes, I have the poster "All I need to know about life I've learned from Star Wars". Yes, I do think there is a Star Wars quote for pretty much any situation. Yes, I do have a special Pinterest Board dedicated to Star Wars.

If you subscribe to the weekly emails you'll see I title them - I am no Jedi. I need to explain. 

Take a look at this snippet

I am no great expert nor have I got everything sussed, I make mistakes every day, but only hope to keep learning myself and having picked up a few things I want to share what I learn, read or come across.

I know and believe we can do this. We can come to work excited, we can feel safe and valued while we are work and we can leave for home fulfilled and proud.

So Maz is it. She knows the force, she understands that there is the big wide world of potential out there and she'll do what she can to help.

Also a Facebook buzz thingy quiz told me my Star Wars character was Maz so heh, who I am to argue with that.