Live your Legend

Happy New year to you all

If you had a break I hope it was a good one, if you've worked through I hope the days treated you well.  I took a stay-cation during the public holidays and enjoyed lazy mornings, sitting in the garden and generally being very relaxed.

To get us going this yearI want to share a a great site with you andas we start the year with new intentions, resolutions or dreams a little bit of planning or a few pointers may help us on our way.

The Live You Legend site offers a great set of free resources and I would recommend signing up. 

The weekly planning workbook is my top find. It gives me structure and a sense of control and helps me focus and plan my work based on my top priorities and my high level goals. I work through this every week, usually on a Monday morning but sometimes on a Sunday. I really do notice those weeks I don't do it.

If you sign up (it's all free) on their website you get an immediate access to a large range of tools and booklets - how to find your spark.....find your why......posters.....goal setting for the year.......prioritise success.....All good stuff.

I believe we should and can be able to bring our best selves to work every day and that means waking up feeling excited about coming to work, feeling safe while we are at work and going home with a sense of fulfillment. Scot Dinsmore also believed that and that is how the Live Your Legend group was born. Check out the TED talk

I want to keep building on those themes of joy and excitement, feel safe and feeling fulfilled over the coming year. I'd be keen to hear your ideas and what matters most to you.