Top five books for 2016

Welcome to the bookshelf in my office. If you've been recieiving these emails for any time now you'll know I'm a bit of a book reader.
I love being introduced to new ideas, or having issues reframed and looked at from other perspectives. I do skim read, but I also fill my books with post-it notes or labels, making comments as I go along - and yes - I have been known to write in the books themselves.

I then, am usually super eager to try out whatever the book has suggested or recommneded to see if it works or rings true for me. The things that stick and the things that don't work I move on and try something else, but always ready to try a new way or new idea.

My next favourite thing to do is share them, either via this email, chatting away to anyone who will listen - to those of you who have got stuck with me while I am raving about the latest great read I am in the middle of - you'll understand. I'm very happy to lend books (so if there is something on the shelf that catches your eye) and then there have been give aways. I picked up a couple of classics this weekend in a second hand shop ready for next years give-aways.

I use Goodreads to track what I've read, set myself an annual goal for books to read and list those books I want to read. I also like reading the reviews of books as I know I tend to lap up the good stuff and it useful to see what other people think as another way of thinking about the book.

Having established that I am a book fan and all that reading can give us, what have been the top books I've read in 2016. Tricky but here goes;

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
I think this is one of those books I will forever dip in and out of. I officially finished it this year but it has been on the go for the last two years.
You are able to take sections at a time and go back and over as your life and needs change.
A classic for a reason I guess.

Start with Why
Boy do I love this book. It's one I want to memorise.
I learnt so much about myself and really examined why I am doing what I am doing.
I will stop there as I am such a huge Simon Sinek fan I will get carried away.
Don't have time for the book- check out the TED talks

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Another classic (apparently) that I discovered this year.
I brought the cartoon version by mistake and kind of liked it
I also like that there are practical tips on how we can all build our teams up

Above the Line
This was part of a organisational culture workshop I was fortunate to attend earlier this year.
The workshop was fantastic, giving me a clear picture of strategy, culture and values.
Another book I dip in and out of, as it takes you through levels of culture and how they can be improved.

2016 was the year I at last read Atul Gawande
I'm picking this one as my 2016 choice as the beginning was so powerful and recognisable to me I was hooked.
It grappled with the issues I see everyday and gave me hope

So there you go, my top 5.

Of course 2016 to me, was also the year of Kate Granger, how I learnt more about her, her life, her death and how she has changed healthcare for the better by her determination and passion.

What about you? What books have spoken to you this year, I'd love to chat books with you.

Katie Quinney