When the iceberg is melting


Our Iceberg is Melting may be a familiar text for some. I was introduced to it during a quality improvement training course but why I really smile when I talk about this book is that I shared it with my whole team. I applied for funding and brought a copy for every one of the staff on the ward. It was a great way to bring us all together, it gave us a common language and understanding. I made a ceremony of handing the books out, I wrote a message in everyone to the person receiving the book, I included our ward clerk and the penguins became a common symbol for us as we tackled the releasing time to care modules. I also believe having this book, the conversations that it allowed, encouraged and developed the culture of continuous improvement that we as a team created.

If you are tackling change or working through a project with a team or group it's a simple read that doesn't take that much time, and will give you that common language and help you move forward.

John Kotter is a great writer to turn to if you need to understand more about change and there are resources and a load of penguin pictures are available on his website.

John Kotter

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