Say hello to TED

Soon after starting my weekly emails I started including a link to a TED talk. 

If you have never come across TED your life is about to change I may have ruined any upcoming plans you had. I still remember the day (time, place and person) when I was introduced to TED and a whole new world opened before me. Regular viewing became a habit and then I started using for teaching, presenting and just sharing the love.

The talk that I will share with you here and now is back from 2009. It has a very powerful message and is a great place to start. If you are having difficult conversations or having to address how and what we do this will help frame it

How great leaders inspire action

Start with Why is a great read that I would highly recommend. It covered a wide range of topics, talking about culture, recruitment, trust and why on earth I am here doing this at all. I am an unashamed big fan of Simon Sinek and I would urge you to discover him for yourself. He has two other books and a second TED talk so dive in.


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