Coming to you from a submarine

One of the best things about writing my weekly email and this blog is the feedback, comments and additional links and resources I am sent.  Usually with a 'you might like this' comment. Receiving these is brilliant, there are so many great and useful bits of information out there, I love it when I am sent something that I can then pass on.

This video was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and I knew straight away it needed sharing

Take a look at this 10 minute video

So you are wondering what a nuclear submarine and healthcare can have in common. Two things really jumped out to me.


One of our biggest missions and challenges is to deliver safe care to patients and provide a safe environment for everyone working in healthcare. There is one part of the video that reminded me of the safety checklist that is used in theatres prior to starting surgery.

Going home to eat dinner.

You can't be here 24 hours of every day but yet healthcare provision continues. You have to get home to eat dinner. Yes, to look after yourself so you can come back and do it all again, and also to role model looking after yourself. If you set the right environment you can go home eat dinner knowing that the people at work can think, solve problems, stay safe

The time to change.

He talks about change within 24hours. That sounds impossibly exciting. The small change in language, the pillars of competence (is it safe) and clarity (is it right) and setting intent. Creating 135 thinking, innovate, creative, problem solving people instead of one person who is supposed to know it all. What a powerful and exciting model to be part of.

I did of course appreciate the slight movie reference and reminded me that I do rather like submarine movies.

Katie Quinney