What am I doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers and the NowNowNow movement


Jedi stuff

I’ve found a friend to work with to take this website to the next stage. When I write my weekly emails I get that magical sense of flow and want to wrap this website around that and make my online voice clearer.

I’m trying the writing in batches again which I find creates more logic (for me) with what I am writing about.

I’m exploring more podcasts and even tried my first audio book. Ending up with random notes in odd places as I often listen as I walk.

Having finished the IHI Joy in Work course I’m deciding on the next online learning focus.



I fell and hit my head at the end of May, it was a wonderful wake up call from the universe. Plus I got to learn all about concussion. Yay, said no-one ever. It’s been painful, slow, hard and yet wonderful, inspiring and a blessing.

After hitting a little wall and dip I’m back on the right path. Short run two weekends in a row, long days at work with lots of my mind and then adding in some travelling and reclaiming the power of the nap.

Home and Garden

Spring is springing in Auckland and I’m gearing up for the change in weather and the thoughts of camping.

reading and Photographing

Doing a bit of travelling and you’ll find my photos on Instagram

Moving along with this year’s reading challenge I’m working so hard on only having a few books on the go at a time.

On Leadership - HBRs 10 must reads

The book of forgiving - Desmond and Mpho Tutu

How to have a good day - Caroline Webb

Factfullness by Hans Rosling

Updated September 17th 2019, Auckland, New Zealand