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Everyone working in healthcare makes an essential contribution. We don't all do the same thing, or even the same thing in the same way. We all need to do what we do to bring the multiple requirements together for your community and patients to get what they need. If you can bring our whole and best self to work then amazing things can happen. 

That leadership or senior role can be a huge leap and rarely are we prepared or know what we are stepping into. To be honest the orientation or support when you first step up can be varied and less than fulfilling. I've been on the receiving end of that, and I have to admit I know there have been people I have recruited and then not provided what they needed. Even with the best intentions what you need might not be there. 

Where would I point you as a place to start. If you are new to leading, new to my weekly email or website where should you look first. Then you might be at that point where you are thinking ‘how on earth did I get here and which way do I turn first as it’s all getting a bit crazy’. That sentence has passed through my mind several times during my career and I expect It still will. 

I have a five point plan for you. Because plans with points always seem like a good idea!

Know yourself
This isn’t a one off exercise, knowing yourself, your why, your strengths, your triggers and all that messy stuff we humans have is important. Start with some work on knowing your own values

Look after yourself 
Another work in progress and needs attention at different times due to different influences. Knowing yourself and what you need is one thing, getting it can be another trick altogether. Your wellbeing is essential, you can’t be there to support or help anyone if you aren’t in a good place. Get some sleep

Being better than yesterday
My success has been down to work, working on myself, working on understanding the world around me, experimenting, reading, failing, reflecting, reading some more, trying again tomorrow. My top three pointers for you

Get help 
You aren’t in this alone and you can’t do it alone. Being a leader does not mean you have all the answers, know it all and nor do you need to look like you have it together all the time. Can I say that again, being a leader does not mean you have to do it all on your own. I’m really clear on who is on my list for support, mentoring and coaching. Find a mentor get the help you need and deserve. 

Added extras - two people and two books
If I had to point you to a couple of places to dig deeper into this it would be these

I'd love to hear and share your thoughts on what worked for you, where would you start if you could turn back time?