And the socks are pink

we all make it.png

You know I'm a bit of a social media fan and while I can easily get lost in endless distraction and randomness I do believe in the good that social media can be. Good for connections, good for information and education and good for opening your eyes to topics, ideas and inspiration.

Recently I stumbled across this site:  Pink Socks Life. I instantly connected. Disrupting healthcare! Seeing the good! Connections! A tribe I felt I could belong to that was articulating so much of what I am trying to say and do in my weekly emails and these blog posts.

The blog is full of powerful stories. Take the image of riffling through your suitcase in the middle of an airplane to find your pink socks to give away - this story from Lori Maricle gives you just that and more!

In a time of political conversation I often struggle with what I should say, could say or want to say on political issues and stay aligned with my professional responsibilities. This post - Healthcare Professionals and Politics crafts that perfectly.

There is a story for everyone and the mission of creating connections to change our workplace and our world is one I believe in wholeheartedly. Our complex business and our even more complex world needs you to connect with those around you. Sharing stories is one way. Sharing pink socks is another.