The books that made a difference for me in 2017

I'll put to one side for now the fact that I didn't met my reading goal for 2107. For several years I have joined the Goodreads challenge. A target I set myself for the number of books to read. Move on Katie!

I've written before about the power of reading and that I believe it is a crucial part of being a leader. This doesn't mean all the books need to be serious, heavy, business like books.

I read to escape as much as to learn. I read to reset myself when I feel like I am hitting a wall (A Jack Reacher book read in 24 hours usually does the trick). I read to be inspired and challenged. I read to laugh and often end up crying.

I'll be reflecting on how I feel about not making my target and thinking about the coming year - which includes finishing the books I have on the go at the moment. For now though my challenge is to pick out just 5 books that made the most difference to my year.

When reviewing my list of books I've read, there was a strong feminist theme and I've spent my reading time as a way to understand myself and my place in the world a bit better. This has translated into an incredible year for me. I am certain my reading has contributed to that.

My must read list especially for you:-

Leading on the Edge
A collection of reflections and lessons in leadership in an environment that is challenging and intriguing

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
A mixture of science, humor, action and personal account in the value of mindfulness. 

Understand your own contradictions and how that plays out in the world

Good to Great
5 business concepts for greatness covered in a readable and invaluable way. Easy to relate to a healthcare setting

Highest Duty
If the film stopped me in my tracks then this account gave depth and insight into why we do what we do

What will 2018 bring? I'm resetting the challenge, joining a book club and planning time in my week to read. How do you feel about making time to read?