Hello, my name is Katie

Since I first stepped into a hospital as a seven year old to have open heart surgery I thought of healthcare as an adventure.

I've worked in the UK and New Zealand in a number of roles that have given me a wide range of experiences and skills. I have a fondness for Star Wars and think there is a movie quite for most situations.

Over the years I've worked in healthcare considerable change has occurred in the way we work and what is expected from us. I increasingly see the challenges that people face and how this can drain the joy and fulfilment from them.

Bringing our best selves to work makes a difference to someone every single day and more than anything I want to help.

Using movie wisdom and quotes alongside the wise and motley combination of things I have picked up along the way. This blog will share what I learn to help you take daily steps to deliver the best for your team and those you care for. 


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